Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where is the Peace Movement?

On any given day 70-150 people die of gun shot, averaging well over 30,000 Americans per year for the last 30 years.

President Obama can’t even get the tiniest changes in gun laws to prevent the criminally insane or those ALREADY on the “potential terrorist” list to be permanently banned from buying guns.

AK-47s and other automatics, and pistols.  WHO THE F*** hunts with these things?  Right, they are people killing weapons.  Can’t we ban at least THOSE?  Sure it would mean surrendering certain types of guns, so?  I mean look at our gun deaths compared to ANY NATION YOU WANNA NAME that doesn’t allow citizens OR EVEN POLICE to carry guns except the police can in case of an emergency, like the British Tube bombing.

Hillary is now painting Bernie as a gun lover, YET, his ideas for how to make the USA safer from gun attacks are STRICTER than hers or Obama’s.  Then she says Bernie can never get single-payer health care through because it didn’t pass BEFORE.  Come on lady.  If Bernie gets the nomination it will be a win for grass roots over money.  If Hillary wins…GOD FORBID.  Why?  She never ONCE voted against any part of the illegal wars Bush 2 committed, and look what happened while she was Secretary of State.  The middle East Wars went from 2 countries to 8.

Enough said.